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Bite-Sized Balance Podcast with Wendy McCallum

Sep 27, 2022

April Stroink is a Money Coach and Advisor for individuals and entrepreneurs seeking clarity, ease and abundance with their finances. In this episode, April and Wendy discuss key behavioural finance truths including the common limiting money beliefs that many women in midlife have, and why it’s worth the work to shift them. April draws a fascinating parallel between overspending and other addictive behaviours including drinking, and she and Wendy discuss how stepping into your power around money mirrors taking back control over alcohol. They also talk about shopping as an unhealthy coping mechanism, the emotional aspect of money, the patriarchal construct of “retail therapy” and how it is disempowering women, the role of social media in mindless consumerism and the price our daughters are paying as a result, the importance of a healthy money mindset in preventing burnout, and the connection between your personal values and your financial picture.

Might your financial wellness be the one pillar of health you haven’t been taking care of?
You won’t want to miss this episode!

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